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Musica Genial (Digital Download)


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The album kicks off, appropriately, with “Soy Zero” and sets the tempo for the disc. It’s a great opener with a catchy hook of infectious, straight-forward Hard Rock and an homage to Charly’s first thirty years in the music business. Other stand-outs include “De Norte a Sur”, “Jaque al Rey”, and “Tres Milenos”, all with very nice, upbeat tempo changes. The finale is the title track, “Un Vaso de Vino”, a kind of send-off that closes this nearly hour-long album. Charly co-wrote it with his longtime friend, Leo Rodriguez, as a kind of dedication to their friendship.

The entire album is a stroll down Charly’s musical career and the music a smart potpourri of Charly’s musical influences, all presented in original material."

Review by Jim Parisi


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